Wholly You

Human Growth & Development, LLC

Marriage/Partners, Family and Child Psychotherapy

Person-centered individual, couple and group psychotherapy for ages 6 to expiration. Featuring trauma-informed, strength-based and solution-focused systemic visions of treatment. Whole person, existential, and psychodynamic depth therapy are also available.

Individual Psychotherapy, Counseling and Coaching Across the Life Cycle

 Treatment often leans heavily toward the "energy psychology" of Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), also known as "tapping".  Tapping draws from the ancient Chinese whole-person health methods of acupuncture and is blended with modern brain-based, energy psychologies" that effect neurological "rewiring".  It is a proven treatment  for a variety of post-traumatic stress manifestations that are often diagnosed as anxiety, depression, adjustment disorders (usually in children), bi-polar, social anxiety, etc. Wholly You clients consistently report enduring dissipation of symptoms and a feeling of being healed. 

Coordination and Consultation Service with Psychiatric Medication Professionals

We work with a group of trusted, proven psychiatric prescribers, including licensed psychiatric nurse practitioners, physician assistants and doctors. We are often involved in medication decisions from the first medication assessment to facilitation of jointly formulated and integrated treatment plans. Our clients frequently report exceptional outcomes from effective integration of services. 

Organizational and community change assessment, planning and management

Group culture-specific observation, assessment, vision-focused interpretation of behavior, attitude and mood of organizations. Collaborative, development-driven assembly of systemically healthy change plans, accommodation, assimilation and positive movement.  

 School-Related Assistance with Developmental Fulfillment

Solution-focused diagnosis of child-family-school engagement for the purpose of formulating practical interventions for sustainable alignment of the youth’s developmental needs and the responses of the family and school. Participation in Individualized Education Plan (IEP) process to provided development-informed input and advocacy  

Experience-Informed Intercultural Marriage, Family and Child Counseling, Coaching and Advocacy

Guidance and support to culturally mixed partners and families that are adapting to American thinking, feeling, values and cultural expectations that interfere with otherwise natural development and the unfolding of closely bound relationships

Turnkey Multi-Systemic Psycho-Social Disaster Programming During Recovery Phase

In-depth, penetrating psycho-social need/opportunity/resource assessment and recovery planning framed by common denominators found in drivers of human growth and development across the life span.  Guidance and coaching for direct service delivery, including training of trainers for community responders. Turnkey workforce recovery program planning and implementation similar to international award winning psycho-social safety net model adapted in post-tsumani Sri Lanka.