Wholly You

Human Growth & Development, LLC

My personal journey toward being a therapist first became conscious when a professor at East Los Angeles College asked our introductory philosophy class what we want to learn in his class that would fit our needs. He asked us! Until then, I didn’t know that the question existed in an educational institution and that I could know the answer to his crazy question. Where did he get that idea, I wondered. I have been asking the same of myself ever since.  

When one discovers that each of us has a unique Self that is always in the process of unfolding, one can train the eye to closely look at any other person and see the unstoppable determination and force driving the person toward wholeness. What I see when I look for this unfolding of my own Self is that I become more whole in the process of assisting others to find their means of fulfillment. These means for myself as well as for others are found in all of our meaningful endeavors such as marriage/partnership, solitary lives, parenthood, work, school, substances, travel, and even mental and spiritual health detours and struggles. One thing is consistently clear – the determination and force driving toward wholeness is irrepressible, unstoppable.

Since my original licensing as a Marriage and Family Therapist in 1984, the search for ways and places to engage with the force of Self in other individuals, communities, cultures and experiential circumstances has led me well beyond schools, shelters, therapist offices and mental centers. The following are highlights of the adventures have been part of my journey that form the therapist that I am today.

Clinical practice highlights include:

  • Child Therapist & Manager: Children’s Treatment Program, a domestic violence shelter
  • School-Based Therapist:  Across all grades; preschool to high school
  • Teacher & Manager: Affective Needs special education center program
  • Clinical Staff: Intensive residential treatment center for adolescents
  • In-Home Child & Family Therapist & Multi-System Case Supervisor

Human Growth and Development practice highlights include:

  • Peace Corps Volunteer: Supported primary health care program in isolated communities in the Philippines
  • Social Soundness Analyst & Institutional Development Consultant in post-revolution Philippines
  • On-board HR & Training Manager: Served cruise line crew from over 40 countries & cultures
  • Psycho-Social Recovery Consultant in Sri Lanka (Tsunami ’04) and US Gulf Coast (Katrina ’05)
  • Organizational Change Management Leader with a global humanitarian organization for child and family protection and development

Yes, I’ve been fortunate enough to have been deeply immersed, for significant periods of time, into the raw and real lives of many global expressions of humanity.  It might be surprising that what this experience has taught me is that as wonderfully beautiful our differences are, we humans have more in common than not. Again, the common denominator is an innate determination, a force to be whoever we are most intrinsically, individually designed to be, whatever that authentically is.  This is experience that I bring to every encounter that I have with the people and organizations that I work with. Together we discover how to move with the challenges, obstacles, damages, and opportunities that interact with our collective processes of individuation, of becoming wholly you.